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Llama 01800 123 3535 para hablar con uno de nuestros asesores.
Llama 01800 123 3535 para hablar con uno de nuestros asesores.
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Support Programs offers a variety of support services to meet your unique needs. A standard support incident has a response time of:

Customized support can be purchased. Installation and software customization services are available and charged by the hour. Please contact your sales representative for assistance in delivering your requirements to the services team.

30 Day Installation Support

This service is normally included with the initial purchase of most services. Customers can ask unlimited number of questions using email. There are no guarantees on response time for the 30 day installation support program. If you require a higher level of support, we suggest that you purchase a support incident pack or use the incidents included with the maintenance agreement.

Maintenance Agreement

Most services comes with a software maintenance agreement for the first year. This software maintenance, sometimes called SUS or Software Update Service, can then be renewed as an annual fee-based subscription for subsequent years allowing the user unlimited updates to latest version for the term of the subscription.(These programs do not cover fee-based add-ons, increased capabilities like managing more domains etc).

Training offers standard training courses. The courses are designed to train participants on the product's features, functions, installation, configuration and maintenance. Participants will obtain in-depth knowledge of the products and the impact the products can have on their business. Participants can select from different levels and types of training, including onsite classes or remote online sessions.